The Court Library has over 100,000 volumes of collections consisting of legal and general books, law reports and research journals on local and foreign jurisdictions. More or less all the law reports and digests published in Pakistan are available from the date of publication till date i.e. PLD, SCMR, PLC, PTD, MLD, PLJ, NLR, CLC, CLD, PTD, PTCL, YLR, SBLR, PCrLJ and PSC. Similarly, the acquisition of law digests i.e. Annual Supreme Court Digest and Pakistan Annual Law Digest etc. is one of the vital components of Library holdings. The law reports/journals from the foreign jurisdictions would not be out of place to cite here, which add value to the Court Library i.e. All England Law Reports, Columbia Law Journal, Harvard Law Review, Law Quarterly Review, Modern Law Review, Criminal Law Review, Public Law, Int’l Lawyers, Arbitration, Cambridge Law Journal, All India Reports, Commonwealth Law Reports and Reports of Patents Design & Trade Marks Cases, etc.