List of Foreign Books arrived in 2021-2022 old

hindu law

Mulla’s Hindu Law (Indian ed. ) by Dinshah Fardunji, Mulla
Edition/Year: 24th  ed., 2021, reprint 2022

foundation of taxation law

Foundation of Taxation Laws by Stephen Barkoczy
Edition/Year: 14th ed. 2022

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Commercial Injunctions by Steven Gee
Edition/Year: 7th ed., 2021

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Copinger & Skone James on Copyright by Gwilym Harbottle
Edition/Year: 18th ed., 2021

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Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States: Draft Final Report December 2021 by (Commission Members)
Edition/Year: 2021


Toward Uniformly Accepted Principles for interpreting MFN Clauses: Striking a Balance between Sovereignty and the Protection of Investors by Nudrat Ejaz Piracha
Edition/Year: 2021

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Justice A.R.Cornelius : A Constitutionalist by Asad Ullah Khan, Amna Umar Khan
Edition/Year: 1st ed., 2021

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