The core aim of the Court Library is to provide professional assistance to the Hon’ble Courts. To achieve this objective the Court Library provides some of the following key services.

   Reference & Research

The Library provides the reference and research facility by providing Law books, Journals, Reports and other references sources so that an active research environment can be established. In this way the Court Library also act as a research Library. A special research center also has been established in library to facilitate and provide services to the Court and Hon’ble Judges.


Library offers borrowing services to its users. Information/material can be borrowed from the circulation counter located in the center of the library which is easily accessible from all sides of the library. Circulation staff is there to help out the library users for checking-out and returning the library material.


To keep the library materials upto date with latest amendments in law, the services of the amendment is provided by the Court Library so that the Hon’ble Court may find/get the updated materials.


The photocopy machine is available in the library for copying/printing of material in order to meet the requirement of the needs.


The service of binding is provided to ensure the accurate bindings of the library material and also facilitate the users/staff on their requirement for the said purpose.

 Court Assistance

Library staff assists in the Court rooms to provide the required materials/books to the Hon’ble Judges during the Court proceeding and thus helps towards dispensation of justice.

  OPAC/Internet Search Terminal

For quick searching and retrieval of Library materials/books, as well as Searching of Online legal databases, the service of an OPAC/Internet terminal is provided so that the users and Staff may get an easy access to resources.

  Conference Hall

There is a conference hall in the library used for the delegations, visitors, staff training and conducting judicial conferences. Briefing to delegation is provided in this conference hall.

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