Justice Amin-ud-Din Khan was born on 1st December 1960 at Multan. He belongs to a very noble family of a famous lawyer of the time Khan Sadiq Muhammad Ahsan, Advocate (Late). He received his education from Kinder Garten Muslim School Multan. He completed Secondary School Education from Government Muslim High School, Multan in the year 1977. He secured his Bachelor Degree in subjects of Philosophy in the year 1981 and completed his LL.B from University Law College, Multan in 1984 and diploma in Taxation Law.

Justice Amin-ud-Din Khan started practice as Junior with his father and obtained the license to practice in Lower Courts in the year 1985. He enrolled as an Advocate of the Lahore High Court in 1987. Some years later, he was enrolled as an Advocate of the Supreme Court in 2001. He joined Zafar Law Chambers at Multan in the year 2001, till elevation remained there. He practiced in civil side mainly from trial court up to August Supreme Court and appeared in August Supreme Court in famous and important cases relating to the property, pre-emption and matters of inheritance, also these subjects remained the favourite subjects.

Justice Amin-ud-Din Khan was elevated to the Bench on 12.5.2011. During his career as a Judge, Justice Amin-ud-Din Khan decided thousand oldest cases of civil nature at Bahawalpur Bench, Multan Bench and at Principal Seat, Lahore and most judgments were upheld by the August Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Justice Amin-ud-Din Khan represented Pakistan as Boy Scout in Asian Jambury Iran in the year 1977 and was awarded sash by the President of Pakistan.

Justice Amin-ud-Din Khan remained Examiner and Lecturer in various subjects in University Law College, Multan.

As Judge of the Lahore High Court remained Member of Syndicate of various Universities including University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore.

Justice Amin-ud-Din Khan elevated as Judge, Supreme Court of Pakistan on 21.10.2019.