Human Rights Cases of Miscellaneous Category Disposed of by this Court



Matter/Nature of Case/Problems

Comments Received From/Notices issued.

Orders  passed by the HCJ

Remarks/Grievance Redressed



Registration of FIR against the accused who had violatebounded Labour Act.

AG,Pband Complainant in person.


Applicant could not prove allegations. Disposed off on30.5.06.



Registration of case, arrest of accused.

Addl.AG, Pb.


Challan was submitted in the court, accused were arrested.Disposed off on 5.10.06



Issuance of NOC by Medical College

Principal Faisalabad Medical College.

Courtof HCJ

Onreceipt of comments matter was placed before Court, matterwas  tried and finally  Court dismissed the application videorder dated 26.09.2009.



Ban oneducation of science subjects to private candidates. 

Noticeto Secretary Education, Chairman Committee of IntermediateBoard, Sukkur and Nasir Iqbal Ansari, Advocate.

Courtof HCJ

Thecase was placed before Court, matter was  tried and finallyCourt disposed off the case vide order dated 12.12.2007.



Applicant son became disable due to current of electricity.

NoticeAG Punjab and Chairman Wapda.

Courtof HCJ

Thecase was tried by this Court and disposed of on 28.06.06.



Release of pension & GP Fund etc. 

Noticeto AG, Sindh.

Courtof HCJ

Onreceipt of comments, matter was place before this Court andthis Court disposed of the case order dated 12.10.06.Grievance was redressed.




(Protection /


Addl.AG, Pb, DPO etc. Kamalia

Courtof HCJ

Disposed of 30.11.06. Grievance redressed.



Registration of FIR.

Addl.AG Pb and SP, Narowal.

Courtof HCJ

Disposed of 29.05.09. Grievance redressed.




AGSindh and DPO N.Feroze

Courtof HCJ

Disposed of on 3.4.09. Litigation is already pending.



Vacation of Land

Complainant in person.

Courtof HCJ

Disposed of on 16.6.09. Petition has already been filed.



Payment of Salary



Disposed of on 08.06.09. Grievance redressed.




Pension matter

Sh.Zamir Hussain ASC.

MSKhattak AOR

Courtof HCJ

Grievance redressed. Dispose of on 12.10.06.



Compensation matter

Noticeto Chief Executive IESCO

Courtof HCJ

In theinstant case action was taken on the Press ClippingPublished in the Daily Khabrain dated 23.04.2009 whereby aminor baby aged about seven years has lost his one arm dueto the negligence of the Wapda Authorities. The said casewas fixed before the Court and the matter was disposed ofwith the report of Chief Executive that minor has beencompensated.



Compensation matter

Noticeto Chief Executive QESCO

Courtof HCJ

Theinstant case was registered on News Clipping published inthe daily “Frontier Post”, Quetta dated 10.02.2010. Throughthe above said clipping it was pointed out that women, twomen and five children were wounded when 11KWTS wires touchednearby poles and wires due to high velocity of wind. Thesaid case was disposed of vide the following order:-

“Learned counsel for the QESCO/WAPDA agreed to makecompensation @ Rs. 10,00,000/- to the legal heirs of thedeceased lady and Rs. 2,00,000/- to the injured persons inequal shares.

2       Order accordingly. After making the payment,compliance report shall be submitted to the Registrar on 22ndMarch, 2010 for our perusal in the Chambers. Case isdisposed of.”









Compensation matter

Noticeto Chief  the Chief Secretary

Courtof HCJ

Theinstant case was registered on the complaint of Mst.Maqsoodan Mai whereby she has prayed for compensation as herhusband died as the wall of police station fall over him.The said case was disposed of vide order dated 23.07.2009 asGovt. has paid the compensation to the legal heirs ofdeceased.



Harassment Case

Noticeto P.P.O., Sindh

Courtof HCJ

Through the instant application one Mst. Rukhsana submittedthat when she was only three years of age her brothermurdered a child. However, in reconciliation proceedingsbetween the parties, Jirga decided to give Mst. Rukhsana inthe Nikkah of deceased’s brother namely Ghulam Haider whowas already married and father of four minor children’s atthat time. The parties were bound by the decision of theJirga. Now Mst. Rukhsana, a well educated lady, is major andher parents decided to give her in the Nikkah of GhulamHaider, who is about 50 years of age now, as per decision ofJirga. Mst. Rukhsana refused to accept the so calleddecision of the then Jirga and she, being sui juris, decidedto marry with her own free well. Now, Mst. Rukhsancontracted marriage with her cousin namely Ammer Abbasthrough court. She further submitted that her parents gotlodged a false criminal cases of abduction and dacoitiesagainst her husband and his brothers. She requested forprotection and action on the false cases registered againsther husband. The instant case came up for hearing before theCourt on 6.04.2010 at Karachi and was disposed of.



Tasleem Solangi Case


Courtof HCJ

Through the instant News Clipping, it is requested that SuoMoto action may be taken on the murder of Tasleema Solangi.The instant case was fixed before the Court and was disposedof vide Court order dated 27.07.2009 on the statement ofAdvocate General that except two all the accused personshave been arrested and four police officials have also beenproceeded against departmentally protection and action onthe false cases registered against her husband. The instantcase came up for hearing before the Court on 6.04.2010 atKarachi and was disposed of.




Noticeto P.P.O., Khyber Pukhtunkha

Courtof HCJ

Through the instant application, applicants stated that oneMst. Shehnaz contracted marriage on her sweet will with oneJehanzaib. However, on reconciliation proceedings betweenthe parties it was decided that a minor girl of Mst.Shahnaz’s husband family will marry with the brother of Mst.Shahnaz when she become adult. The matter was placed beforethe Court on 15.10.2009 and was disposed of with thedirection to DIG to take action against the culprits.


Crl.Misc.17-K/ 2005

Abduction of the Family of Munno Bheel


Courtof HCJ

Theinstant case came for hearing before the Court on 22.09.2007and was adjourned for 26.11.2007, Since then matter ispending.



Promotion matter of BS 22 Officers

Noticeto the Secretary Establishment, Foreign Affairs and all theofficers who were promoted and superseded.

Courtof HCJ

Through the instant case promotion of the officers fromBS-21 to 22 were challenged. The said case came up forhearing before the Court and all the notificationspertaining to the promotions of officers BS 22 were setaside.



Removal of unauthorized encroachment

Noticeto applicant, Chief Secretary, Chairman Pakistan OilTankers, City District Govt. Cantonment Board Cliffton

Courtof HCJ

Theinstant case was fixed before the Court on 10.05.2010 andwas adjourned. However, order dated 10.05.2010 is stillawaited

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