Human Rights Cases of High Handedness Disposed of by this Court



Matter/Nature of Case/Problems

Comments Received From/Notices issued.

Orders  passed by the HCJ

Remarks/Grievance Redressed



High handedness of police

Notice to AG Punjab and P.PO., Punjab

Court of HCJ

The allegations against the police officials were proved and encounter shown by the police was found false, hence it was directed that delinquent Police officers be proceeded against departmentally. In this case directions were also issued for initiation of proceedings against a Special Judicial Magistrate who was appointed inquiry officer in the matter who exonerated all the accused without going into the details. and the case was disposed  off  order dated 04.01.2010



High handedness of police

Notice to AG Punjab, D.P.O., Okara and Secretary, BOR

Court of HCJ

In the instant case applicant complained against the high handedness of the police and illegal action by the board of Revenue.The matter was fixed before the Court by the orders of the HCJ and in this case police as well as Revenue were directed to pay compensation on account of losses incurred by the family of applicant.

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