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The Supreme Court library plays a pivotal role in providing reference and research facilities to the Hon’ble Judges, researchers and the law officers of Court. Library plays in important role to assist the Court in the discharge of dispensation of justice. The Supreme Court of Pakistan visualizing this vital role of library has established Main Library at the Principal seat Islamabad and libraries at the Branch Registries at the provincial headquarters. The Court’s library being distinctive in nature in term of its services and resources has committed to meet the immediate needs of the Benches in the proceedings of cases. This distinctive feature of the Court’s library poses a greater responsibility on the shoulders of library staff to equip the library with best latest literature available in the field of legal jurisprudence world wild and to focus on the implementation of latest trends in the field of library and information sciences. The Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan and the Hon’ble Judges are always eager and kind enough to encourage us in collection development and library services. The consistent reputation of the Supreme Court of Pakistan Library, in the legal fraternity, over the decades has rightly earned the name of National Law Library of the country.


The Court library has maintained a steady pace of development and implementation of new modus operandi, set out globally for the information management and library services. In addition to the traditional resources, the Court library responds equally to the digital era in shaping its services and resources, it has been equipped with state of the art facilities and is linked with Information Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure. The library automation program “KOHA” extends improvised reference and research services by providing local access to Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) of the Library material to ensure speedy and uninterrupted services. The system helps in locating and maintaining the record of daily circulation. Similarly the libraries of Branch Registries are integrated to access online catalogue of the Main Library.


The Court Library has over 100,000 volumes of collections consisting of legal and general books, law reports and research journals on local and foreign jurisdictions. More or less all the law reports and digests published in Pakistan are available from the date of publication till date i.e. PLD, SCMR, PLC, PTD, MLD, PLJ, NLR, CLC, CLD, PTD, PTCL, YLR, SBLR, PCrLJ and PSC. Similarly, the acquisition of law digests i.e. Annual Supreme Court Digest and Pakistan Annual Law Digest etc. is one of the vital components of Library holdings. The law reports/journals from the foreign jurisdictions would not be out of place to cite here, which add value to the Court Library i.e. All England Law Reports, Columbia Law Journal, Harvard Law Review, Law Quarterly Review, Modern Law Review, Criminal Law Review, Public Law, Int’l Lawyers, Arbitration, Cambridge Law Journal, All India Reports, Commonwealth Law Reports and Reports of Patents Design & Trade Marks Cases, etc.

Digitization & Online Resources

The digitization of resources is also being taken on priority basis to keep equal pace with the changing paradigm of information retrieval. Two-prong strategy has been evolved to achieve the targets set out for digitization i.e. to convert the existing resources into digital format and to have an access to the local and foreign legal databases. To strengthen the research and reference facilities the Court library has an access to the various national and international legal databases i.e. manupatra, LexisNexis,

New Arrivals

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