Court Administration

The administration of the Court headed by the Registrar functions under the overall supervision of the Chief Justice of Pakistan. In the performance of his functions under the judicial rules, the Registrar is aided and assisted by the Additional Registrar, Deputy Registrars, Assistant Registrars and the respective branches on the judicial side. The Secretary to the Chief Justice, Research & Reference Officers, Librarian, Private Secretaries to the Judges, Court Associates and Assistant Librarian provide services in their respective spheres.
The administration and general branches headed by the Deputy Registrars provide to the Registrar spade work in their respective spheres. The Court, with the approval of the President, is empowered to make rules providing for appointment of its staff and determining the terms and conditions of their service. Such rules empower the Chief Justice to exercise, in respect of officers and servants of the Court, the same powers as the President exercises in respect of the Federal Government employees.

The Registry provides administrative services to the Court for carrying out its judicial functions. It prepares the cases for fixing before a bench and assists the Court in case flow management. The Registry provides information and assistance to advocates and the general public on legal procedures and formalities for filing cases and completing the record. It prepares cause lists and intimates fixation of cases to parties, advocates-on-record, advocates and litigants appearing in person. It conveys the judgments and orders of the Court to the concerned quarters for implementation and compliance and maintains the Court records.

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