In order to provide speedy justice to the people living in remote areas of Balochistan the branch registry was established on 19th November, 1978 in a borrowed wing of the High Court of Balochistan. Efforts are, however, being made to acquire a permanent site for the Registry. A Rest House for lodging Judges during Court sessions has also been set up at Shahra-i-Zarghoon, Quetta. Petitions, appeals and miscellaneous applications are instituted in the Branch Registry arising out of judgments and decisions of: –

1. Balochistan High Court, Quetta/Sibi.
2. Federal Shariat Court at Quetta.
3. Federal Service Tribunal at Quetta and
4. Balochistan Service Tribunal Quetta.

Subject to any special order of the Chief Justice or the Court, all civil, criminal and jail petitions instituted in the Branch Registry and appeals arising therefrom except the appeals in taxation, customs and revenue matters are heard at the Branch Registry.